Monday, 16 January 2012

Security threats – the ISF view

Maintaining supply chain security should be a company’s key objective according to the ISF, Information Security Forum, in an article in Computer Weekly magazine - “What is the most important nut for infosec to crack in 2012?”
The ISF, a worldwide independent authority on information risk management, consults key people in the security industry once a year – an exercise called ‘The Threat Horizon’. The contributors see ‘the threat’ in different ways. John Colley, managing director EMEA, (ISC)2 discusses the skills shortage and the increasing average age of the security technology professional. Elsewhere, Ruggero Contu, agenda manager, security solutions, worldwide, Gartner, has concerns over the personal use of mobile devices in the workplace. He offers an example where ‘ employees can download data to cloud storage services such as Dropbox, and then access it from unauthorised devices.’ For more detailed analysis of the security data threats from these leading experts, read the full article at

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