Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Deloitte’s annual report – key trends for IT sector

New development areas are always important for IT professionals wanting to stay ahead and identify new business opportunities. Deloitte’s 3rd annual tech trend report for CIOs (company information officers) identifies in detail ten areas to watch next year. Mark White, chief technology officer and the report’s co-author, divides the trends into two areas.
The first five are known as ‘(Re)Emerging Enablers’, with examples such as Geo-spatial Visualization – the rise of geo-based company data. These first five trends are areas that some businesses may have already started to consider. The second set of five trends,’ Disruptive Deployments’, are newer trends that might on their own or together mean new opportunities for the IT technology and computing sector. Such trends identified by Deloitte are the Hyper-hybrid cloud and a trend known as ‘Enterprise Mobility Unleashed’ where the use of mobile information means emphasis on ‘secure and maintainable…back-office systems’. Get prepared for 2012 by
reading the full article http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/deloitte-predicts-the-top-10-technology-trends-for-2012-135248878.html

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