Monday, 21 November 2011

Does every cloud have a silver lining?

Does every cloud really have a silver lining? There are undoubtedly many benefits for a lot of companies in using cloud service providers, or CSPs, offering the potential to save money in maintaining IT services. With any new development in the IT industry however, there are other areas of the company business to consider.
Simon Brazier, from Willans law firm based in Cheltenham, urges companies, and their IT managers to look carefully at cloud computing and data security. In his article on the company's website "Cloud computing - how safe is it from a legal perspective?" he discusses areas such as data protection, within and outside the U.K. as well as the service terms offered by suppliers. The article also discusses the benefits of being up in the clouds such as resource pooling and on-demand self-service for users. Just make sure your all-important data is secure.

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