Monday, 13 February 2012

What IT projects can learn from engineering

Some large information technology projects suffer, rightly or wrongly, from a reputation for failure. Would they benefit from a more rigorous adherence to project planning? On his blog on the Institute of Management Information systems website, David Bicknell argues that large information technology projects, and the departments that manage them, may do well to take a leaf out of the engineering department’s book. He looks at ‘Agile’ development where the purchaser must use flexible tools to ensure changing requirements can be met as the project progresses.
Successful projects acknowledge “right from the start that requirements were bound to change and controls must be put in place to manage this. “He concludes that “the discipline driven by an engineering-based approach is generally more likely to lead to success. That’s why bridges get built – and IT projects often don’t.” Whether you build bridges or IT systems take a look at the article here:

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